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Eye brow tattooing

Depending on the style choice, tattooing can perform with a manual hand tool or a rotary PMU machine.

As a result a perfection (touch up) session needs to be scheduled 6-8 weeks following the original treatment.
Eyebrow Tattooing

How it works?

Cosmetic tattooing is a delicate procedure that requires several colour treatments to get the desired effect. Every skin retain pigment differently as it depends on the individual’s skin type, life style, medication, sun exposure and how the client follow the aftercare instructions.

Eye brow tattooing

A fine, soft and natural line can be created to add depth and definition to your eyes.


Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to create the illusion of a fuller brows. It is for people who desire a very natural brows. The hairstrokes replicates real hair. With this method we create almost any look from very natural light finish to a beautiful bold brows. It may be used to thicken existing brows or to fill up uneven areas of brows.


Our signature powdery, misty technique creates an elegant soft, natural and subtle appearance.

Ombre brows (Powder brows) is a graduating shading technique from lighter at the front and dark towards the end of the brows. As its results are powdered filled brows that appears similar to a soft misty makeup look.


Combination brows is the best of Microshading (powdered/ombre) and Microblading (hair strokes) technique to create a beautiful, natural yet defined brows. To achieve the perfect definition, the inner brow is made up of hair strokes, while the tails are powdered. This technique is suitable for all skin types.


Nano hairstroke is the advanced technique which replicates the individual natural brow hair by precisely creating the perfect crisp strokes.

Because nanoblading uses a much more flexible tool, with the single needle that really resemble the size of a hair, by using our own technique we are able implant the pigment precisely onto the epidermis to create fine realistic hair strokes. We follow the same direction of the brow hair to match your natural hair growth

Its results are much crisper and more natural-looking.

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Depending on the style choice, tattooing can perform with a manual hand tool or a rotary PMU machine.

Eye brow tattooing questions

Consent Form

We need your contact information and know your medical history!  This form will let us know that you understand the procedure and know what to expect! We need your consent to work our brow-magic!


During this process, we get to know you! We need to know your lifestyle, your skin condition, your daily skin regime. This will allow us to work together on a design that make you look picture perfect!


We’ll apply the numbing cream for 20-25 minutes depending on your skin.

Brow mapping

We’ll create and determine the most flattering, natural-looking brow shape according  to your face shape

Brows transformation

Please be patient while we work our magic! We’ll demonstrate step by step so you know what we are working on. It’s important you and the artist are on the same page!

Aftercare instructions

We will explain the aftercare instructions and what you should expect for your brows. A week later, we’ll follow up on you and how your brows are healing!

Perfection (Touch up) session

We want your brows to look on point!  And that’s possible with your follow-up perfection session.

Reschedule between 6-8 weeks to fill in areas that have faded during the healing process (fading is normal!). Your brows will look FLAWLESS!

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