Skn & Brows

Wrinkle Reduction

At Skn and Brows, our focus is on celebrating and elevating your distinctive natural beauty. Guided by the principles of appropriateness, symmetry, and harmony, our skilled injectors collaborate with you during the consultation to define your beauty objectives. Beginning with a thorough analysis of your facial structure and taking into account your background, heritage, and lifestyle, they formulate a personalized plan to assist you in attaining your desired results

Anti-wrinkle treatments

Our expertise lies in providing anti-wrinkle reductions that yield sustainable anti-ageing results with a natural appearance. The repetitive movement of certain facial muscles leads to visible lines on the skin. Anti-wrinkle reductions function by restricting the movement of targeted muscles, thereby minimizing creasing and the appearance of wrinkles. Through precise placement, dosage, and reduction techniques, our anti-wrinkle reductions can deliver beautiful, natural-looking anti-ageing outcomes.

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Volume Restoration

Our focus is on crafting personalised and natural-looking lip fillers through advanced micro-sculpting techniques. Unlike anti-wrinkle reductions that target muscles, volume restorations operate by augmenting volume beneath the skin’s surface. When strategically placed, they effectively restore lost volume, smooth wrinkles, and address deep skin folds and other signs of aging. Beyond their potent anti-ageing capabilities, volume restorations serve as versatile tools to harmonize facial profiles, enhance lips, redefine cheeks, sharpen jawlines, and more.

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