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Meet The Team

The team at Skn and Brows have worked with some of the biggest names in Australia. From celebrities, sport stars to reality TV personalities we have done it all. We have the experience, skills, and desire to meet your requirements.

Co Founder


Meet Sophie – the visionary owner of Skn and Brows Atelier! With a
stellar background in the beauty industry, Sophie is not just a
seasoned Trainer and Assessor but a dedicated expert in the art of
eyebrows. Boasting over a decade of brow mastery, Sophie, also a
certified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, specialises in the fine art of
eyebrow shaping, creating bespoke looks that cater to each client’s
individual needs.

*Brow Artistry: * Sophie’s passion lies in perfecting brows. Over the
last 10 years, she has honed her skills in crafting eyebrows that are
uniquely tailored to enhance and highlight each client’s natural

*Cosmetic Tattoo Expertise:* As a certified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist,
Sophie brings an extra layer of artistry to the table, ensuring
long-lasting perfection that goes beyond traditional makeup.

*Tailored Perfection:* Specialising in custom shapes, Sophie ensures
that every eyebrow is a work of art, personalised to meet the distinct
features and preferences of each client.

While eyebrows take centre stage at Skn and Brows Atelier, Sophie’s
expertise extends beyond. Her impressive makeup portfolio includes
significant contributions to projects such as the Australian Open,
Loreal Fashion Shows, and more. Sophie’s artistic flair, combined with
her commitment to excellence, ensures a personalised and unforgettable beauty experience at Skn and Brows.

Senior Cosmetic Professional


As a seasoned Registered Nurse and Cosmetic Injector, Meredith is dedicated to accentuating individuals’ inherent beauty through personalized treatment plans designed to align with their unique aesthetic aspirations. Renowned for her meticulous approach, Meredith views her work as an art form, ensuring precision and excellence in every procedure.

With a passion deeply rooted in the cosmetic industry, Meredith derives fulfillment from fostering increased confidence and self-assurance in her clients. Boasting over eight years of experience as a cosmetic injector, she is characterized by her exceptional attention to detail and steady hand, attributes that contribute to the success of her aesthetic interventions. Meredith’s commitment to her craft is evident in her ability to craft tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of those seeking enhancement and rejuvenation.